Tens of thousands of people have been educated and entertained by David.  A blend of practical “How-To” examples swathed in case histories and seasoned with humor, David’s presentation will leaving your audience laughing but well informed, prepared and equipped for the challenges ahead.

“Not every speaker can make people “laugh and learn” , but David’s got that gift.”- Ron  W.

David engages his audience on many levels.  He can boost your business because he speaks with conviction and authority from his personal experience on the front-lines of recruiting, where hiring the right leader can turn a company’s fortunes and make it soar.

The Wall Street Journal nicknamed him the “The Rogue Recruiter” , due in part to his bestselling books on job search and recruiting.

The forth coming book, Hiring Greatness: How to Recruit Your Dream Team and Crush the Competitionis Jim Collin’s “Good to Great” meets Sun Tzu’s, “The  Art of War.”  “Hiring Greatness”, will be on bookshelves January 19th 2016.

An accomplished executive recruiter, author and speaker David has written on leadership and recruiting for several publications including:  The Wall Street Journal, Globe & Mail, Chicago Sun Times and Forbes.  A veteran of more than 1000 recruiting and search projects, David has a sharp eye for the “right-stuff”, having negotiated more than $250M in salaries since 1985.

As co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0, with Jay Conrad Levinson, David has written the definitive book on hiring in the digital age by reverse engineering the innovate hiring practices which underscore the success of Perry-Martel. He has been interviewed on executive search, recruiting, and job search by every major television network in North America.  His books are  available in English, Vietnamese, Hungarian and French right now.

Your presentation will be tailored for your audience.  Presentations may run from an hour for a keynote to three hours for a half-day program.  Longer programs can be arranged if booked two months in advance.

Keynotes For Employers & Business Associations

Executive Search, recruiting and leadership transitioning – these are the areas David is regularly invited to speak about.

Recent topics 45 – 90 minutes:

  1. Lead – Dominate – Prosper
  2. Don’t Hire A Liar
  3. How to Recruiter Proof Your Company
  4. Building a Talent Culture
  5. R-rated Hiring [Recession Proof]
  6. Employee Engagement for the “MyPod” Generation [Generation -Y]
  7. The Candidate Experience – Rules of Engagement

Talks and Workshops For Colleges

As the author of several books on job hunting, including three volumes of  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, David has addressed audiences all over North America.  Often he shares the stage with co-presenter Kevin Donlin —  in what some have referred to as a “good old down home revival meeting”.

Sample 90 -120 minute talks:

  1. Guerrilla Job Search Secrets Revealed
  2. Mind Over Matter: Why you Need to Do the Thinking for Employers
  3. Face-off Over Facebook: Get Wired to Be Hired
  4. You? A Blue Chip Stock? It’s True: How to Prove Your Incredible Value to Employers.
  5. Digital Dirt: How to Research any Company in any Market
  6. Flip the Iceberg: Unlocking the Hidden Job Market
  7. Network or No-work: Tools and Tactics to Accelerate Your Job Search
  8. Extreme Networking: How to Leverage Online Communities like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  9. So You Wanna Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star!: Personal PR
  10. Hand to hand combat: Winning the Job Interview

A complete menu of topics and a sample of video clips are available on the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters web site at www.GM4Jh.com. He’s easy to work with and your audience will love him!