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We have completed over 1,400 executive searches, with a 99.97% success rate and negotiated more than $300M+ in salaries.

Perry-Martel fuses strategy, values, and behavioral science, with “guerrilla” tactics to deliver what others say cannot be done, through an open, honest and transparent process. 

It’s not about size… but the shadow you cast

Success has nothing to do with headcount.  It’s about who – not how many.

We’ve never met, but you’re very likely already familiar with our work.

We work behind the scenes with CEOs and senior executives to hire the right executives needed to bring their business up to the level of productivity, profitability, and success they expect.

From our home base in Ottawa we craft bespoke search and recruiting programs designed to identify, attract and evaluate the best talent in the world, no matter where they are. Our process and methodology are unique in the executive search industry, completely transparent and outcomes based.

We guarantee Extraordinary Executive Search (More…)

Don’t Hire A Liar

What Clients Are Saying…

“David Perry is a world-class executive recruiter. He is a brilliant man, dedicated to his profession and to the success of his clients. He understands leadership and he is able to use this understanding to separate the wheat from the chaff.”
“David has boundless energy and displays a commitment to projects that borders on obsession. He establishes a strong and almost uncanny understanding of the companies he works with and balances the empathetic (and frequently competitive) relationships that are crucial to the success of his projects. He is innovative and highly creative. But most importantly, David consistently displays a level of integrity far beyond the standard in his industry.”
Stephen M. Munro, Vice President of Sales
“Protus IP Solutions is experiencing exceptionally strong growth and is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. This rapid growth brings demands for executive resources with impeccable leadership and execution skills. David Perry has been instrumental in assisting Protus in identifying and recruiting talented executives to help Protus meet its strategic goals.”
“One of the things that David does that other recruiters just don’t, is actually listens to your requirements as an employer – who you’re looking for, what the qualities and qualifications are. He tries to quantify and understand the ideal candidate.  Most recruiters don’t do that. They take a bunch of notes, promise you they’ve got lots of people in their database that fit the description and then deluge you with resumes of candidates that don’t fit the bill.”
Rudy Richman, LinkedIn Profile
“David Perry has raised the bar on how executive search should be carried out – responsive, decisive and relentless in aiding CATA Alliance companies to make a quantum leap in building their leadership teams.”
“We have been so successful with his searches that David became the exclusive recruiter for Simware/NetManage. Before Simware’s acquisition by NetManage, Perry-Martel International filled all the key executive positions including the President, Chief Technology Officer, VP of Engineering, VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, VP of Professional Services and VP of Marketing.”
Kevin Watson, Director of Development
“I can offer the reader my unequivocal recommendation of Perry-Martel International and of David personally. He delivered, delivered and over delivered in my opinion and remains even today a trustworthy advisor.”
“David breaks the mold. You tell him what you need, he assesses your business, then shows you the actual profile of the person you need to align with your objectives. If I simply wanted to find a warm body, I wouldn’t waste David’s time. He understands the process, the objectives, and that I’m paying him for his business acumen as well as for his dynamic skills. David had published many books. He is an incredible advisor and trusted business partner.”
Darryl Praill, LinkedIn Profile
“David Perry brings to the assignment an intensity that rarely comes across in recruiting, or frankly anywhere else.He took an extreme personal interest in the  success of the search.”
Eric Golden, CEO, Equipois Inc.
“David completely redefines what your expectations of a recruiter should be. He helped me assess the skills I needed, coordinated the hiring plan cross functionally and finally presented outstanding candidates that accelerated my plans and reduced my hiring needs from 7 down to 4. Those new candidates then helped me accomplish in 18 months what was scheduled to be done in 36. If you are looking for talent management for your organization – you should begin with David.”
Allan Zander, LinkedIn Profile

Get To Know Us

Perry-Martel International is an Ottawa based, full service, retained executive search firm which guarantees Extraordinary Executive Search.

We work on individual search assignments and team building projects. A boutique executive search firm with a global reach on five continents, we make the E.E.S. Guarantee because we have created a unique value-based results driven executive search system to find the perfect person for your high-technology requirement.

We are passionate about our craft, and in the world of high-technology, we have always out-performed our mission. Over the years we developed our three-dimensional values based executive search system, because our clients needed to go beyond traditional executive search best practices.

The three-dimensional value-based executive search system has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of the high-technology sector. We have consistently found that the Positions our clients want filled, push the envelope of career titles and job requirements. The fast-changing world of high-technology is the first place where new roles and new activities are defined. High tech is the birthing ground of the new Knowledge Worker.

If you are looking for a top-flight executive or key contributor who will make your company soar, we encourage you to introduce yourself to us and get acquainted with our E.E.S. value-based results driven search system.

Comparing Perry-Martel International’s executive search methodology with others is the best strategic action you can take.