It's not about size... but the shadow you cast.

Success has nothing to do with headcount: it's about who - not how many.

As our Client you benefit from the power of a concentrated team of proven performers, where diligence and intelligence provide a foundation for insight and action, and where agility and flexibility enable a timely response to even the subtlest market nuances.

We are well known by the best executives and individual key contributors in the industry.

We guarantee Extraordinary Executive Search. More...

How to Recruit Your Dream Team.

Are you a Transitioning 7-Figure Executive?

If you are concerned about a job search that’s dragged on for weeks … months … or longer, then our Executive Agent Service might be of interest.

A new 'concierge' service patterned after the award winning program developed by Guerrilla Job Search International is available just for 7-Figue executives.

If you would like to discuss the Executive Agent Service please call David Perry at 613.236.6995 x114

Perry-Martel International is an Ottawa based, full service, retained executive search firm which guarantees Extraordinary Executive Search.

We work on individual search assignments and team building projects. A boutique executive search firm with a global reach on five continents. We make the E.E.S. Guarantee because we have created a unique value-based search system to find the perfect person for your high-technology requirement.

We are passionate about our craft, and in the world of high-technology, we have always out-performed our mission. Over the years we developed our three-dimensional value based search system, because our clients needed to go beyond traditional executive search practices.

The three-dimensional value-based executive search system has been developed exclusively to meet the needs of the high-technology sector. We have consistently found that the Positions our clients want filled, push the envelope of career titles and job requirements. The fast-changing world of high-technology is the first place where new roles and new activities are defined. High tech is the birthing ground of the new Knowledge Worker.

If you are looking for a top-flight executive or key contributor who will make your company soar, we encourage you to introduce yourself to us and get acquainted with our E.E.S. value-based search system.  

Comparing Perry-Martel International’s system with others is the best strategic action you can take.

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